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Solar B.A.S.


Service to support the creation and configuration of supervision systems for home and building automation..

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Design and development of attractive and usable interfaces for home automation, web, mobile..

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Graphic design for print, media and every kind of business marketing, both internal and external..

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Me and my work

In February 2011 start this new adventure based on years of experience in the creation of graphical user interfaces for building automation.
Not only GUI, but also all the additional services that businesses BA and not only need, satisfying every graphical necessity.
Attractive solutions characterized by simple and clean graphics and meticulous attention to every detail.

GUI Management and Marketingg
for Automation Company

Designer Interfaces BAS
for Automation Company

Web Designer
Commercial agent web services


Servizi Creativi

Graphical user interfaces user friendly easy to use, innovative and effective. Whether it be an embedded system, desktop application, mobile application your application must be easy to use, visually attractive and easy, able to help end-user experience facilitating learning and reducing training time. An eye-catching design GUI also ensures a return in terms of corporate image.

All BAS systems provide libraries that meet the engineering without treating the understanding and usability of the end user. To remedy to this and make attractive and usable your interface, i design graphics library objects to be used in the most common automation systems and beyond. The libraries consist of graphics and animations with various states and cover all areas of Automation.

Your Autocad drawings or pdf or any other format graphics are processed to be used in your BAS or any other project. Outsourcing can be the solution for those who do not have the time or resources to devote to this, and want to cure the services offered to its customers.
- Processing 2D
- Processing 3D
- Rendering

Graphic design for print and media. Corporate image, elegant and carefully is always a good card to show up in the global market:
- Company logo
- Brochure
- Catalogs
- Web Site
- Photo Products
- Product Sheets
- Manuals

Through collaboration with Freebuilding, ten-year experience in the Energy Management, we are able to provide also the whole development of programming and installation of Building Automation systems, thus providing a product with unique interfaces and able to integrate all the technologies present in a building.


Several Projects Realized


Contact me

Mobile +39 3461289743


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